Varuna Book Profile: Sideshow

Sideshow, Nicole Smith

Seizure by Xoum Publishing, June 2014


Sideshow cover

‘The music begins. We climb. The wind picks up a little. The lights snap on. The audience looks up. … Six figures are caught in the glare.’ Take your seat, sit back and enjoy the show. From Rio to Oostend to Amsterdam and beyond, a troupe of acrobats travel the world, performing miracles in the air, enthralling audiences. In between gigs, they drink, play and taunt each other. They get bored. They get up to no good. Then they jump on a plane to do it all again somewhere else. Sideshow is an hilarious and rollicking take on the thrill and drudgery of a life on the road and on what it takes to perform day after day after day…

‘That’s the problem with live performance. You have to be great over and over again. It’s a bit like life.’

‘Wonderfully entertaining, with the funniest cultural observations and fastest page-turning,’ (Mark Macleod)

‘How I loved to read a novel that’s just kicking its legs in the air out of the sheer pleasure of being! A joyous adventure in travel and performance and character’ (Peter Bishop).

REFERENCE Seizure store also, Nicky reading from Sideshow




Varuna Book Profile: Sideshow


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